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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Village of Sauk Village Committee of the Whole met March 5

By Michael Abella | Jun 20, 2019

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Village of Sauk Village Committee of the Whole met March 5.

Here is the minutes provided by the committee:


Mayor Derrick Burgess called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

On Roll Call

Present: Trustees Brewer, Carter, Grant, Tates, Todd

Absent with Notice: Trustee Zupon

Others in Attendance: Director Joseph Wiszowaty, Clerk Marva Campbell-Pruitt


 Director Joe Wiszowaty provided a brief introduction of the presenter who showcased the

o Property Registration Program – Mr. Stan Urban provided an introduction to the Program.

He offered an overview of each document in the presentation packet that was presented to the Board. He stated that there were twenty-five communities in the surrounding areas utilizing ProChamps. ProChamps was established in 2009 and is a no cost, web-based property registry program that assists in property maintenance issues. It provides contact on mortgagees and property managers. The contact information is available to Code Enforcement, Utility Billing, Police, and Fire Departments. The success rate for recovery of fines is 85-90%

 Trustee Grant asked about the fund allocation. The recommended Registration Fee Structure is as follows: Foreclosure Registration: $350 to be paid by the owner, per foreclosed property semi-annually. ProChamps retains $100.00 for each, and the Municipality receives $250.00 for each.

 Director Wiszowaty has a copy of the two-year agreement.

• Trustee Brewer asked how large the database was

• Trustee Grant asked about a house previously in foreclosure but is now current and was told that house would come off the list.

o Engineer Jim Czarnik explained the Logistic Center Engineering Study and the components of the Invest in Cook Grant. He discussed the $350,000.00 project and the role of Robinson Engineer Company in the Phase I Study. He outlined a summary of the complete scope, other partnerships and the scope of the Project Development and stated that HDR is involved in the feasibility study, the same company that was a party to the one that preceded the current study so that they would remain involved. The total price would cost $449,995.00. He provided the project deliverables and locations of project implementation.

 Trustee Brewer asked where the difference in the cost of the project would be derived and was told that it would come from TIF funds.

Pending legal review, approval of the project will be an agenda item on the upcoming Board Meeting for adoption. Contracts should be available by then.

o Trustee Linda Todd provided a review of Ordinance 17-024 – Animal Control and stated that the Board had failed to provide relief to the resident who remarks on the issue at every meeting. We must abide by ordinances and that she expects that it would be done. She provided a copy of a certified letter sent from the police department advising that the animal should be removed from the Village. She stated that the Ordinance and the Police Order are not being followed. It is a major issue, and it has gone on for too long.

o Trustee Grant commented that this is the second police chief to deal with this dog, there have been unpaid fines and lack of compliances. He asked the Mayor what the next steps were. The Mayor stated the Chief would be asked to provide an update at the next Board meeting and that the issue would be addressed by the next Board Meeting with a subsequent update.

o Trustee Todd provided a copy of the letter. The Mayor stated that had he known; he would have asked the Police Chief to be in attendance to explain what the plan of action is.

o Trustee Carter stated that it appears that the dog is a nuisance more so than a vicious dog as it had not bitten anyone.

Village Clerk Marva Campbell-Pruitt spoke on two items:

o U.S. Census Bureau information was shared and the importance of data collection and utilization, and that it would behoove the Village to insure an accurate count for the Village. She reviewed the items in the informational packet provided and the schedule outlined to complete the overall count for 2020. She appealed to draft a resolution and pledge for those signing up to be on the Complete Count Committee.

o Specific rules of Parliamentary Procedures, Robert’s Rules of Order were discussed with the Mayor and Trustees to show how two rules if used properly, would increase the level of decorum and operations of the Village’s meetings. She highlighted, “Calling for the Question,” which means to end debate and move to the vote and “Point of Order” when there is an infraction of the rules and, or comments on items not on the agenda, “Order of the Day” can be used as well.


J. Cast thanked Trustee Todd for the review of the ordinance; she shared that it is not just one dog, that students were running from pit bulls the past Friday; she can use a gun and would pull the trigger if a dog lunge at her. Cook County has been notified but is not acting.

P. Couch thanked Trustee Todd for intervention. She stated that the ordeal had lasted 18 months; she had followed Chief White’s advice to no avail; one family had accumulated $4,000.00 in unpaid fines. If enforced, funds could be used to pay for a dog catcher or a code enforcer; owners left two dogs and taken to Steger Pet Hospital. The Police ordered nooses and treats to sedate the dogs, but one must get close enough to use either.

C. Boetcher asked about hiring more police; asked why the position could not be part-time police/dog catcher. She spoke of banning pit bulls. She asked two questions about the registration program discussed, if the lists were sold to other companies, and if everyone in the Village had to be registered?

D. Williams questioned the Business & Finance Committee composition as she saw only two members at a meeting she attended. She sent a notice requesting to become a member of the committee; she asked last week the status but was told that it was under review. She asked if there were a maximum number of committee members; asked that the Budget & Finance committee would review the budget and if the committee could review A/P before the vote.

M. Escobedo thanked Trustee Todd on bringing forth the issue of code enforcement. She stated when she was on the Budget Committee, she was told that Trustee Grant wanted no more than three on the committee, which is inconsistent with what is now being said.

Mayor Burgess’ Responses:

o It was his first seeing the letter from the previous police chief. He would consult the attorney.

o Hiring Police, there are measures in place to hire and that there are requirements, such as eight- month training requirements after applicants go through the Fire and Police Commission.

o Mr. Urban was asked to address the questions concerning his program. Only homes that are vacant or in foreclosure would be required to register with the program. The list is not sold, but it becomes a public document, so it is FOIAble.

o Trustees operate their committees, and the Mayor places no limitations on their standards.

o The Mayor does not respond to questions on social media.

o Trustee Tates had no comment.

o TrusteeGrantclarifiedhispremiseofthecompositionoftheBudgetandFinanceCommitteeand stated that there is a recommended maximum number desired; he shared how and when he review accounts payable and clarified that invoices and accounts payable are reviewed and answers sought for questionable transactions; and he stated that Mr. Finch had implemented a process where the invoices are attached to A/P.

o Trustee Brewer asked that the RFP be placed on the agenda in two weeks, (3/19). The Clerk asked that all agenda items be written to make certain that the date and the language is as preferred by the requestor; she mentioned copies of invoices she had sought and asked why Trustee Grant was the only one privy to such review; she thanked the Clerk for information on parliamentary procedures, but sought a happy medium for discussion as the Mayor should adhere to the procedures as well.

o Trustee Todd announced the March 11th meeting; she had one scheduled for the day before, but the date was incorrect. However, others were using the space and appealed that the meeting calendar is utilized; the Ordinance Review Committee is always looking for volunteers, and all are welcome.

 Mayor Burgess offered the Executive Conference Room as an option if there is a space issue. o Trustee Carter had no comment.


Mayor Burgess requested a motion to adjourn the meeting. Trustee Brewer moved, and Trustee Carter seconded the motion to adjourn at 8:22 p.m.

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