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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Palos Hills City Council met November 7

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Jan 15, 2020


Palos Hills City Council met Nov. 7.

Here is the minutes provided by the council:

1) CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Bennett called the City Council Meeting to order at 7:05p.m.

2) PLEDGE TO THE FLAG: Mayor Bennett led everyone in the Pledge to the Flag.

3) ROLL CALL: Upon roll call the following Aldermen responded:

PRESENT: Price, Brachman, Lebarre, Marrotta, O’Connell, Kleefisch, Stratton, Pasek, Moore, Nowak


4) QUORUM: Mayor Bennett declared a quorum was present.


Ald. Kleefisch MOVED to approve the City Council Meeting Minutes dated, October 17, 2019 as presented. SECONDED by Ald. Price. Upon roll call the following Ald. voted:

AYE: Brachman, Marrotta, O’Connell, Kleefisch, Stratton, Pasek, Moore,Nowak, Price NAY: None



6) CITIZENS PETITION: None this evening


Mayor Bennett, the meeting is open to the public for any comments or questions

A female resident from the 5th ward, who did not announce her name, voiced her concern regarding where the majority of Council stands on the retail sales of recreational cannabis. She was pleased that the report she read on October 24th reflected that Ald. Kleefisch, Ald. Brachman, and Ald. Stratton voted down the cannabis dispensary. She also shared some information she learned with Ald. Pasek regarding his recommendation at the last meeting, that according to sources, Chicago Police who wear body cameras do not take still photos of vehicles for parking violations.

There were no other comments or questions from the public; the public portion of the meeting was closed.


A. CITY CLERK: No report this evening.

B. CITY ATTORNEY: In the absence of City Attorney Pappas, there was no report this evening.

C. MAYOR: Mayor Bennett mentioned that the bid received on the property located at approximately 88th and 103rd Street, that the broker offered $60,000.00 and is asking for Council to discuss on whether to accept it, reject it, or to counter it.

City Clerk Mulderink advised that the market is bad right now, and that property is not going (inaudible). He suggested that maybe go out and get another appraisal.

Ald. Marrotta MOVED to counter the offer at $75,000.00  SECONDED by Ald. Price. Upon roll call the following Ald. voted:

AYE: Lebarre, Marrotta, O’Connell, Kleefisch, Stratton, Pasek, Moore, Nowak, Price, Brachman 

NAY: None





Ald. Price read the October 2019 building report and noted that 101 permits were issued for a total of $33,526.00 in permit fees, $2,350.00 in security deposits, and refunded $2,900.00 of security deposits.

The building department is still waiting for Thornton’s drawings to be submitted for permit review.

The building department is meeting on November 15th with Wight and Company Architects to go through permitting issues related to the new Southwest Dispatch 911 Center to be located at 8911 W. 95th Street.


Ald. Moore had no report this evening.


Ald. Nowak stated that Community Resource and Recreation Department will be hosting a

Veteran’s Day celebration on Monday, November 11th at 6:00 p.m at the Community Center. All Veterans, active personnel, and their families are invited to join us for this special program.

Ald. Nowak stated that the Community Center will be collecting candy and other wrapped goodies for military stationed overseas through November 14th, there is a box located in the front lobby of the building located at 8455 W. 103rd Street.

Ald. Nowak mentioned that during the holiday season that the Community Center does a mitten tree. This year, we’re going to do the mitten tree for Beds Plus which is run out of Sacred Heart Parish, and St. Mark’s in Worth. Beds Plus is also seeking towels, sheets, comforters, and blankets – new or used.

Mayor Bennett announced that he had a discussion with Kristin, and the Veteran’s Day ceremony has been moved indoors at the Community Center due to the forecasted weather conditions.


Ald. O’Connell announced that Karam Al Sham has been issued their business license to operate as a Mediterranean restaurant.

Mayor Bennett remarked that SeaCatcher next to City Hall has finally opened. He encouraged everyone to stop by and welcomed the restaurant to the city.


Ald. Lebarre MOVED to authorize the expenditure of a Vendor Warrant dated, November 7, 2019 in the amount of $390,382.32. SECONDED by Ald. Brachman. Upon roll call the following Ald. voted:

AYE: Marrotta, O’Connell, Kleefisch, Stratton, Pasek, Moore, Nowak, Price, Brachman, Lebarre 

NAY: None




Ald. Marrotta MOVED for City Attorney Pappas to begin legal proceedings against the property owner of 7820 W. 102nd Street for many years of noncompliance with the city. City Attorney Pappas is to send a letter requesting the owner to clean up the property and if he doesn’t comply, the city will be proceeding with legal action in court. SECONDED by Ald. Moore. Upon roll call the following Ald. voted:

AYE: O’Connell, Kleefisch, Stratton, Pasek, Moore, Nowak, Price, Brachman, Lebarre, Marrotta 

NAY: None



Mayor Bennett noted that with Jeanine’s absence tonight, that the Deputy Clerk will inform the City Attorney of the motion and for him to take action.

Ald. Marrotta MOVED for consideration of An Ordinance Amending Title 3 Of The Palos Hills Municipal Code By Adding Chapter 3.21 Imposing A Municipal Cannabis Retailers’ Occupation Tax. SECONDED by Ald. Price. Upon roll call the following Ald. voted:

AYE: Pasek, Moore, Nowak, Price, Marrotta, O’Connell

NAY: Kleefisch, Stratton, Brachman, Lebarre



City Clerk Mulderink assigned number 2019-19 to that proposed Ordinance.

After the reading of proposed Ordinance number 2019-19 entitled An Ordinance Amending Title 3 Of The Palos Hills Municipal Code By Adding Chapter 3.21 Imposing A Municipal Cannabis Retailers’ Occupation Tax. Ald Marrotta MOVED for its PASSAGE of same. SECONDED by Ald. O’Connell.

Ald. Brachman stated that he disagrees with the wording on the second page regarding serving the public’s health, safety and welfare.

Ald. Kleefisch asked Mayor Bennett for clarification whether it would it be a violation of ethics for somebody on this Council to vote on this particular ordinance if they have a monetary interest in this business.

Mayor Bennett stated that they would have to abstain if that’s the case, and that the Aldermen should know the ethics laws of the state of Illinois.

Ald. Lebarre asked Council to consider the fact that we can’t stop what happens in Springfield, but we don’t need to have it here in Palos Hills.

Ald. Stratton believes this was pushed through way too fast, even with the state.

Mayor Bennett responded stating it is now a state law. Upon roll call the following Ald. voted: 

AYE: Moore, Nowak, Price, Marrotta, O’Connell

NAY: Stratton, Pasek, Brachman, Lebarre, Kleefisch


With a tie on votes, Mayor Bennett voted AYE MOTION CARRIED

Mayor Bennett addressed Ald. Stratton’s questions regarding the pension. After some lengthy discussion, the meeting continued with the scheduled agenda.


Ald. Stratton announced that Community Resources will be holding their evening with Santa and tree lighting on Thursday, December 12th, beginning at 6:00 p.m. Come join us for dinner and visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus. For more information on how to register please contact the Community Center at 430-4500.

Ald. Stratton stated that Parks and Recreation would like to have a meeting held on an off night such as January 9th at 6:00 p.m. at the Community Center.

Mayor Bennett announced that Trick or Treating at the Community Center was a great idea; thanking Kristin as well as the residents for helping pass out the candy. Kristin stated that about 600 kids showed up, and that the Palos Hills police were great to ensure everything ran smoothly.


Ald. Nowak stated that after the passage of the recreational cannabis sales ordinance, a Plan Commission hearing is required to provide the necessary public forum for zoning change to accommodate recreational cannabis sales within the City of Palos Hills. Regulations will prohibit dispensary locations everywhere within the city except along Harlem Avenue and Southwest Highway. The community development department respectfully requests the City Council set the Plan Commission hearing date for Monday, December 2nd, at 7:00 p.m. in the Council chambers.

Ald. Nowak MOVED for a Plan Commission hearing on December 2nd at 7:00 p.m. SECONDED by Ald. O’Connell. Upon roll call the following Ald. voted:

AYE: Moore, Nowak, Price, Marrotta, O’Connell, Pasek

NAY: Brachman, Lebarre, Kleefisch, Stratton



Ald. Nowak announced that the Building department has received a Plan Commission hearing request form, and all necessary paperwork and fees and respectfully requests the City Council vote to approve a Plan Commission hearing for Monday, December 9th at 7:00 p.m. for Alpha Carrier Experts to present their petition for a Special Use to do business as a towing company providing temporary vehicle storage and auto repairs from the 1,500 square foot contractors building on the 20,223 square foot property located at 11340 Southwest Highway.

Ald. Nowak MOVED for a Plan Commission hearing on December 9th at 7:00 p.m. SECONDED by Ald. Kleefisch. Upon roll call the following Ald. voted:

AYE: Nowak, Price, Brachman, Lebarre, Marrotta, O’Connell, Kleefisch, Stratton, Pasek, Moore 

NAY: None




Ald. Kleefisch presented and read the Palos Hills Police Department Activity Report for the month of October 2019 as follows: 176 traffic tickets were issued, 354 parking tickets, there were 13 misdemeanor complaints and 2 felony complaints, there were no criminal homicides, no robberies, there were 4 aggravated assault/batteries, 1 burglary, 11 thefts and 3 motor vehicle thefts, and our C.I.D. Division handled a total of 64 cases.

Ald. Kleefisch announced that a check was received for $1,235.00 for forfeited funds. A check was also received from Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the Circuit Court, in the amount of $81.60, and a check from Consolidated High School District 230 in the amount of $105, 313.66.

Ald. Kleefisch read a letter that was from Hickory Hills Police Department addressed to Chief Madigan. It reads:

Dear Chief Madigan,

On behalf of the city of Hickory Hills I want to express my sincere appreciation to your department for the assistance provided on an aggravated kidnapping that occurred on May 27, 2019. It was Memorial Day and our Police Department responded to a home invasion that ended in an aggravated kidnapping with one of our residents. We asked for assistance from the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force, and boy, did they deliver. We had at least 31 members of the task force come out to assist. What made the response extraordinary for me was the fact that it was a holiday, and these fine officers gave up their holiday celebration to assist us. Due to the task force member’s experience, diligence, and organized hard work, our victim was recovered without major injury, and one of our four offenders was taken into custody in relatively short {inaudible}. Two additional offenders have outstanding original arrest warrants and will hopefully be held accountable for their heinous crime soon. Again, thank you for allowing Task Force South Squad leader, Brad Fletcher, to assist us and please forward onto him our gratitude for his hard work, expertise, and sacrifice. Sincerely, Charles Hobart.


Ald. Brachman announced that the City was awarded a contract with Compass Minerals of America for 1,000 tons of salt at $78.32 a ton. This contract was acquired through the state of Illinois Department of Central Management Services.


11) UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Ald. Pasek asked if the money received from Dorothy Brown is for the tickets written by our police officers that go to court. Chief Madigan responded that it is for dispositions {inaudible} individuals paying off the fines.

12) MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS: Ald. Lebarre recommended to Ald. Stratton that if you go to Maria Pappas’ website, every community and every governing body within Cook County where they stand, it’s all outlined. Ald. Lebarre also thanked Joe Boyle for attending all of our events and reporting exactly what goes on.

Ald. Moore mentioned to all to remember Active Duty members as well as our Veterans, as Veterans Day is coming up.


No further business, Mayor Bennett entertained a motion to adjourn. SO MOVED by Ald. Stratton. SECONDED by Ald. Pasek. By voice vote, all voted AYE.

The Meeting adjourned at 7:56 p.m.

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